Survey results

WorkSafe asked the Select Committee to ask the petitioner to ask the dive community for information about the extent of the problems. A survey of technical divers was run via Facebook and Email for a few days before the committee meeting to help answer WorkSafe’s questions.

A total of 89 responses were received: 86 were received in time for the meeting and another three shortly after. 40 of the 89 respondents (44.9%) have cylinders without LAB and SP numbers.

Do you use gas mixtures with more than 40% oxygen?


Do you use gas mixtures with less than 21% oxygen?


Do you use gas mixtures containing helium?


Do you have scuba cylinders without LAB or SP numbers (i.e. that you can't get tested)?


Have you had difficulty getting access to the cylinders you want due to NZ regulatory / Worksafe requirements (directly or indirectly)?

YesNoNot sure7.9%19.1%73%