Contrary views

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K.P. Bremer

I am voicing my opinion on a very serious issue that I have been trying to improve on over the years.
The safety of gas cylinders.
Is this petition trying to undermine this objective?
We have had an approval system in New Zealand to stop dangerous cylinders being brought into New Zealand.
The system has failed unfortunately.
This has been due to several factors, one being people not following the import processes as laid out in the regulations.
Another is cylinders and valves not being manufactured to the specification stated.
An alternative to the lab number approval system that is internationally recognized is available to import cylinders.
This has been developed by the govt agencies to alleviate your concerns.
This is in the regulations and is recognized widely.
Unfortunately due to the vagaries of differing Governments this is difficult to utilize. Not many follow it in it’s entirety.
This displays exactly the variations of Government responsibility throughout the world.
Is this petition possibly sanctioning the import of potentially substandard product?
You say not but I disagree.
Maybe you are short sighted and are not aware of international issues and failures.
We have got many cylinders in New Zealand that are dangerous and are a threat to Health and Safety.
It is very naive to assume that other countries are making sure their citizens are safe.
We don’t need to dumb down our system and end up with more failures.
You talk about TRUST.
ALL Industries are experiencing product failures. Gas Cylinders, Electrical, plumbing, building, construction, and it goes on.
The documentation that accompanies some product is clearly FRAUD.
The product in some cases, clearly does not comply with acceptable and the stated specifications.
Please do not pick on any one country or area of the world.
It has no barriers.
Just to keep you in the picture the last cylinders to be type tested FAILED.
They were scuba cylinders that many of you are using. Not from Asia.
Yes they have been imported and sold in NZ.
Are they safe ??
Well they do not comply with their design. Do they? They Failed.
The reduction of purchase costs usually means a reduction in Quality.
You get what you pay for.
This is the way of the world.
Are you prepared to gamble the Health and safety of your self and family?
You are not supporting the regulations which I see as being negative and non productive.

Yours Faithfully,
K.P. Bremer